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Our Training

COPEX offers a comprehensive roster of cutting edge training seminars & courses for individuals and organisations who want to acquire new professional skills, broaden their perspectives, exceed their expectations or refresh their knowledge.

Quality and International Recognition

COPEX has chosen to work with leading professional bodies and institutions to demonstrate the quality of the training programmes we offer. Achieving accreditation for our courses shows the quality of the content, the trainers and our administration processes which enhance the experience of our clients. Accredited courses are regularly reviewed by third parties in order to maintain high standards.

Our Training

We provide a comprehensive range of training courses and seminars in over 20 countries across 6 continents.


COPEX has the qualified and experienced people, skills, and technologies to help our clients improve their long-term performance. In particular, we support businesses operating in the aspect of Purchasing & Supply, International Trade & Customs, Asset Management, Facilities Management, Project Management, Contracts Management, Finance & Accounting who are inclined in promoting professional development of their respective workforce.

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